This beautiful forest of Bhandirvana is associated with many pastimes of Krishna. In this forest of Bhandirvana Krishna used to take lunch with Balaram and His other cowherd friends. It is here in this forest that Lord Krishna and Balaram killed the demons Vatsasura and Pralambhasura. Thus Bhandirvana relished most of the celebrated pastimes of Krishna and Balaram. Bhandirvana has a parikrama (circumambulation) of about five km. There is an old tree called Bhandirvata Banyan tree which has been an explicit part of Krishna’s pastimes. It is said that earlier this tree was so big that Krishna and his cowherd friends could cross the Yamuna walking on its long branches. As describe by Srila Rupa Goswami in one of his literature work that, Radha and Krishna were married under this Bhandirvata and Lalita sakhi along with other gopis planned all the arrangements for the marriage. Lord Brahma was the head priest during the marriage. A small shrine is built at the place commemorating the incident. It has the beautiful and unusual deities of Lord Krishna and Radha. The uniqueness of this deity is that, in this Krishna is seen to be applying sindur on the forehead of Srimati Radharani.

Near this tree, there is a famously known well named Venu Kupa. It was formed by Krishna by puncturing the ground using His flute. It is said that when Krishna slayed the demon Vatsasura who had assumed the form of a calf, the gopis denied to associate with Him saying that He had committed a sin and first He should purify himself by bathing in sacred waters. To please gopis, Krishna immediately formed a well with His flute and meditated all the sacred waters to fill the well. All the holy waters entered into the well and then Krishna took bath in the well and purified Himself. Near to Venu Kupa there is a rock with the impressions of the crown (mukut) of Lord Balaram as it’s believed that Lord Balaram rested at this place after killing the demon Pralambhasura. At some distance from Venu Kupa there is another old Banyan tree also called as Sridam vat after one of the Krishna’s friend and the brother of Sri Radharani. It is said that after Krishna’s departure from Vrindavan Sridam got upset and thus to remember the pastimes he spent with Krishna in the forest of Bhandirvana he came and sat under this tree later known as Sridam Vat. Under the tree there is a small shrine commemorating the deity of Sridam.