This is a famous village where Krishna lived with His so called ‘foster parents’, Yasoda Mayi and Nanda maharaj. After leaving Gokula because of the disturbance created by the demons, Nanda maharaj first stayed at Shakatikara (Chhatikara),and then at Dig, and then at Kamyavana, before finally settling at Nandagaon, where he built a permanent residence. It is said that Krishna was in his sixth year when His foster parents Nanda and Yasoda arrived at Nandagaon and He remained there until He was almost eleven, when He left to reside in Mathura with his actual parents, Vasudev and Devaki, to whom He was born in prison cell of Kamsa. In the Bhaktivedanta purports to the Srimad Bhagvatam, it is mentioned that Nanda maharaj left Gokul when Krishna was three years and four months old, having more or less completed His ‘kumara-lila’. At Shaktikara, Krishna Enjoyed his ‘pauganda-lila’ and began taking out the calves along with other cowherd boys of the same age. Krishna celebrated His fifth birthday at Shakatikara and after few more months Nanda maharaj left Shakatikara and after staying at few places like Dig and Kamyavana, and finally settled at Nandagaon when Krishna was six years and eight months old. At Nandagaaon Krishna entered his purva-raga and assumed the beauty of million cupids which marks the beginning period of His ‘Kaisora-lila’, where He looks after the cows instead of the calves and begins His amorous pastimes with the gopis. Then at the age of ten years and seven months Krishna left Nandagaon for Mathura.

Nanda Bhavan / Krishna Balaram Mandir 

This was the site of Nanda maharaja’s residence known as Nanda Bhavan where Krishna and Balaram lived; the word ‘bhavan’ means a palatial residence. The present temple of Krishna-Balarama has been built on the spot where Nanda’s residence once stood. Within the temple one can see the large deities of Yasoda Mayi and Nanda maharaja with Krishna and Balaram standing in between them. On the right side of Nanda are Krishna’s friends Shridama and Madhumangala. On the left of Yasoda one can see Radharani, and then Rohini and Revati, the mother and the consort respectively of Balaram.

These deities of Nanda, Yasoda and Krishna are said to be the same deities found by Lord Chaitanya in a cave on Nandishwara Hill. The other deities are added at a later time after Lord Chaitanya’s departure from Vrindavan. He sent the Six Goswamis to the holy dham for the purpose of excavating all the lost places of Krishna’s pastimes as well as establish temples of Radha-Krishna, write books on the science of devotion, and in general revitalize the cult of Krishna-bhakti amongst the population. Within a short time, temples were built at all the important pastime places like Vrindavan, Goverdhan, Nandagaon, and Varsana. The present Krishna Balaram temple at Nandagaon was reportedly built by the wealthy landowner Rupa Rama Singh of Varsana in the 19th century.