Vrinda Kund

Srimati Vrinda devi, who is also present in the form of the most purifying and merciful Tulasi devi, is a dear associate of Srimati Radhika and Shyamsundar, and is eternally engaged in their loving service in Sri Goloka Vrindavan. Being the proprietor of Vrindavan, which literally means the forest of Vrinda and which she gifted to her dear friend Radha, coronating her as Vrindavaneshwari, she personally cares for every plant and creeper in this most enchanting forest. Having all the parrots of Vraja as her personal messengers and associates, she gathers information from them about all that is happening in Vraja and accordingly makes arrangements for the pastimes of the divine couple. She arranges for their rendezvous in the flowering groves of Vraja and performs various other services to facilitate their pastimes.

The enchanting Vrinda Kund, situated not far from Nandagaon, is the abode of Srimati Vrinda devi, and it is from here that she contemplates and makes the required arrangements for the pastimes of the divine couple. With the help of her pet parrots headed by Daksha, she collects the information about all the happenings in Vraja and makes all the preparations for the meeting of Radha Shyamsundar accordingly. Commemorating the pastimes of Vrinda devi in this holy place, a kund and a temple of Vrinda devi were made, where a beautiful deity of Vrinda devi is worshiped, holding a parrot in her hand and smiling mercifully upon all the visiting vaishnavas.

Behind the temple of Vrinda kund, is the holy Gupta kund, which is situated at the place where Radhe Shyam would meet in the morning. There are said to be three yoga-pithas, places of meeting, in Vraja, namely Gupta kund, Radha kund and Radha Govinda temple in Vrindavan. It is said that after cooking breakfast for Krishna in Nandagaon, when Srimati Radhika leaves to return to her residence in Javat or Barsana, she comes here first, where she meets Sri Krishna, who also comes here after having left home for going to graze the cows. In this way, their first meeting in the day is at Gupta kund, thus making it a very special place for all the Rasik vaishnavas. They then meet at Radha kund during Madhyana, mid-day, and in Vrindavan at night.

There are ancient Radha Krishna deities here, carved out of stone, that are said to have been established by Vajranabha, the great grandson of Krishna. However, due to having been desecrated by the Muslims, the worship to these deities is no longer being performed. Yet, every Monday the local villagers come and pour milk over these deities of Radha Krishna.

How To Get Here

Situated at a distance of 1 km from Nandagaon, one can get there by taxi and take darshan of Varsana and Nandagaon on the way too. To go there by public transportation, you would have to first take a bus or tempo to Kosi and from there go to Nandagaon by tempo. From there, a short half kilometre walk on the road going left from the road facing Pavan Sarovar will bring you to a turn on the right, with a sign saying Vrinda kund. Down this road, you will reach Vrinda devi temple after about a kilometre. The entire journey to reach there takes about an hour from Sri Krishna Balaram temple in Vrindavan.