Rules and Regulations

We hope that you will enjoy your stay and make full use of our facilities. Hotel guests are kindly requested to observe the rules, outlined below, so that their stay will be comfortable and safe. If guests do not observe these rules, MVT Guesthouse and Restaurant will be obliged to cancel their accommodations.

1.Check-in time is 13.00 pm Check-out time is 11.00 am.
2. As per the Government of India’s security regulations, it is mandatory for all guests to show an identity proof (passport and visa for foreigners) at the time of check-in. Please do ensure that you carry this with you.
3. Total room rent is payable in advance in order to confirm the bookings.
4. As MVT Guesthouse and Restaurant in situated in a holy place of pilgrimage we request all guest to abide by the 4 regulative principals of the land. Also please dress in an appropriate fashion as to not disturb other guests or residents of MVT Guesthouse and Restaurant.
The regulative principals are
No meat eating
No intoxicating
No gambling
No illicit sex
6. MVT Guesthouse and Restaurant is completely a no smoke, no alcohol, no meat and no gambling zone. All of these are strictly prohibited on the entire property.
7. Do not bother other guests, by speaking, singing loudly or by any other noisy activities.
8. The use of guest rooms or lobby as an office is strictly prohibited.
9. Removing items from guest rooms or the property is prohibited.
10. Installation of any foreign item in the guest rooms or property is prohibited.
11. Hanging of any items including laundry outside the guest rooms or anywhere on the property unless specified in advance by management is prohibited.
12. The following items are prohibited in guest rooms
Animals/pets of any kind
Foul smelling items
Flammable items such as fireworks, gunpowder, benzene etc.
Unauthorized weapons such as swords, guns etc.
13. Lockers for your valuables are available in each guest room. The hotel shall not be responsible for any loss of or damage to your personal belongings.
14. In case any damage is done to the hotel property by guests during their stay, it will be the sole accountability of the guest that made the booking and MVT Guesthouse and Restaurant will levy damage charges as deemed fit.
15. An extra mattress can be provided if space permits @ Rs.400/- .
16. All prices shown online are in INR per room per night (unless otherwise stated) based on 2 people sharing a room.
17. All prices mentioned in the tariff or other facilities are exclusive of GST tax.