As you breathe in the fresh mountain air, allow the natural beauty of the Himalayas to help you find a stillness within. Discover balance and harmony at our private MVT Spa with treatments inspired by ‘Tattva’ or the 5 elements which reside within our bodies.

We are here to serve you by providing a range of treatments that are all grounded in the rich heritage of India’s wellness culture.

Please explore our Spa menu which has a selection of blended ancient Indian practices along with a variety of international techniques.

We continually work to create an unforgettable wellness experience and aid you on your healing journey.


In the Spa you are requested to refrain from smoking and the use of mobile phones.

Please arrive 10 minutes earlier, before your appointment to wind down and get ready for your treatment.

Spa Professionality – Please do not expect anything other than professional Spa services.

Signature Ayurvedic Massage – Abhyanga
(De-stressing and detoxifying traditional ayurvedic massage treatment)

(Relaxing and calming head treatment)

Potli massage
(Deep relieve for tense muscles with aid of herbal bolus therapy)

(Cooling and soothing rice and milk therapy for inflamed tissues)

Basti (Vasti)
(Application of medicated oils on problematic regions: knee, lower back, neck or heart center)


Balancing Swedish Massage

(Rejuvenating and stimulating classic massage)

Relaxing Aroma Therapy Massage

Duration of 1 session: 60mins

(Gentle and calming therapy with essential oil blends)

Invigorating Deep Tissue Massage

(Deep relieve for muscular tension, aches and pains)

Holistic Massage

(Combination of physical therapy techniques, correcting specific imbalances)



Indian Head Massage

Back & Shoulder Massage

Ayurveda Facial

Refreshing Foot Treatment

Cleansing Body Scrub

Steam Bath